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we’ve got farms on our minds

we want to change the way people eat…we want conscious, seasonal, adventurous eating to become a localized act of economic empowerment, as well as an act of social dissent against the deterioration of society’s collective relationship with food and with the earth.

we seek to give visibility and support to local growers, encouraging them to grow more for us locally, so we can move away from globalized, commercial food production, towards localized, sustainable sourcing of our food

if we just described your farm, then we invite you to enter our farms collective to become a part of our family of farms.

join our farms collective.

farms collective

Steadfast Farm

farm type: micro. organic. family owned. small farm.

Eco's Organics

farm type: urban. organic. backyard garden. family owned.

Twisted Infusions Farms

farm type: urban. family owned. small farm.

Mountain Sky Farms

farm type: urban. micro. family owned.