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a community-driven marketplace that bridges the gap between farm and table for everyone, everywhere

beginning with locally-sourced produce, we’re bringing together aspiring and professional chefs and conscious foodies to share in the love of good food.

come to the table. we're ready.

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for foodies

engage your senses

measured in mouthfuls. food is sensory and the best dishes have clear ingredients, real sensibility and a true love about them.

taste the seasons in each bite

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for chefs

build a longer table

share your passion for cooking with the community in small, intimate settings at foodies' homes...you select your own availability, pricing, and dishes.

serve up an experience

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for local growers and farms

local and seasonal matter to us

knowing where our food comes from and how it's grown should not be a luxury...it's our right. we believe that supporting locally sourced food is better for people, better for local economies, and better for the planet...we believe in sustainability.

provide for the experience

join our farms collective
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